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Reclaimed Barn Wood Floating Shelves(Cut from reclaimed barn beams):
Product Description:

1, Material: Lumber with wormy holes, lumber cut from reclaimed local barn beams(Kiln dried, no live bugs in).
2, Made in Canada.
3, Standard length: 24", 30", 36", or other size per request.
4, Standard thickness: 1 3/8".
5, Standard depth: 8", 10", 12", or other size per request.
6,  Hidden steel mounting brackets & screws included.
7,  Pre-drilled mounting screw holes(16" apart).
8,  Finish: Without finish, or finish with extra cost per linear foot(on the bottom of price list)
   (Finish cost calculation - 24" wide shelf finish cost: $10/lf * 2 = $20; 30" wide shelf finish cost is as same as 24" wide shelf)
9,  Lead time: no finish - 3 wks, with finish - 5 wks.
10,  Wormy holes character guaranteed, no wood filler applied.
11, Custom size floating shelves are available per request.
In Canada:
Water based clear
Hidden steel mounting bracket
Closer view of water based clear finish