Traditional Cedar Barrel Sauna

Item#: SB2016

Product Description:

1,Material: Northern white cedar.
2, Made: Amish/Mennonites in Ontario.
3, Actual thickness:
1 1/2".
4, Size: 7ft in diameter, and up to 12ft long.
5, Assembly instruction: Included.
6, Hardware: Rust resistant.
7, Finish: No finish; also can finish per request.
8, Assembly: Door, end walls are pre-assembled, click
"kit" to see image.
9, Cedar bucket, ladle and steam rocks are included.
10, Assembly time: 4 hrs with two person.
11, Lead time: 3 - 4 weeks.

(Notes: Our sauna kit price does not include wood burner, 4ft enclosed change room or delivery. Buyers are responsible
for any code application per your local authority if it is required.)
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With 2ft porch change room
Cedar barrel sauna
inside(electrical heater)
Cedar barrel sauna with wood
steamer(back view, wood burner)
Cedar barrel sauna door details
Cedar barrel sauna support details
Cedar barrel sauna wall details
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In Canada:
Cedar sauna with indoor
wood burner
Cedar sauna with indoor
wood burner(back view)
wood burner(back view, ash
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